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A pioneer in the women’s business space, Ali Brown has created leading-edge entrepreneurial programs for more than 15 years, building her company to Inc. 500 rankings, multimillion-dollar revenues, and international recognition. She’s creator and host of the acclaimed Glambition® Radio podcast, a member of EY Winning Women, one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, and has served as an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation’s Global Accelerator. Ali founded The Trust to create something she could not find herself — a modern community that women entrepreneurs over the 
$1 million mark truly need and want.

Entrepreneur + Mentor

Kara Goldin
Founder, Hint Water

Suneera Madhani
Founder, Stax Payments

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Yes, the revenues are exciting, but you know it’s a much bigger (and deeper) game than that. You’ve also been transitioning into a leader: Along with all the achievements, it’s also an immensely personal journey.

You’ve changed. And when you walk back into those rooms of colleagues you’ve been leaning on in the past (and whom you still love dearly), you may realize now though that most of the advice and support offered there may not be truly relevant to you. Or, it’s too industry dominated, with all the same type of businesses.

You've been craving to walk into a room where you know the moment you enter it, you are going to level up.

So where do you go... to connect with likeminded women entrepreneurs at your level and above? To enjoy real conversations, hear behind-the-scenes strategies, and learn from the hard decisions made by leaders who have built their companies to these levels... and beyond?

Welcome to The Trust. The modern community for women entrepreneurs whose businesses have reached the 7+8 figure levels. 


If you’re reading this page, we’re guessing you’re craving something different.


Here are just a few of the Special Guest Advisors we've brought in to The Trust 
to spend time with our members...

Listen to what our members say about 
being a part of The Trust...

Rebecca Minkoff
Founder, Rebecca Minkoff Brand

to discover the private community you've likely been looking for.


Paige Adams-Geller
Founder + CCO, PAIGE

What We Promise...

  • New business connections + friendships with 'real' women entrepreneurs 'at your level'
    (and above!)

  • Business growth + investment strategies and ideas that can pay off both now and later

  • A variety of members, guests, businesses, models, and points of view represented (no politics or singular agendas)

  • Real business + life talk from accomplished women for the level you’re at — no B.S. or ‘boss babe’ platitudes

  • Shared information + wisdom designed to directly impact your results both short term and long term

  • A ‘generous and soul-centered group of high-achieving women' (in the words of one of our members)

Limited memberships available to qualified women 
currently running a business generating $1M or more in annual revenues.

We're not your average women's 'networking group'. 
The Trust is a tight community of diverse high-achievers 
who learn from and support each other.

Members of The Trust are connected with vetted, high-level peers from a variety of industries, enabling them to tap into valuable relationships and resources that can help grow their ventures. Our proprietary app provides instant access, and we host ongoing monthly online discussions to further connection and collaboration.

The Trust holds regular, exclusive meetings 2-3 times 
a year at upscale resort properties, where members 
are led through sharing best practices, masterminding, and thoughtful discussion — balanced with social connection and relaxation. Our members say our live meetings are the ’secret sauce’ of The Trust. 

The Trust brings in Special 
Guest Advisors who are female founders of ventures typically generating $100M+ in annual sales. They represent a variety of business styles, backgrounds, industries, and revenue levels — delivering not only inspiration but practical information when it comes to growth strategies.




If you currently run a business generating over $1M per year in revenues, we encourage you to learn more about us now! We'd love to learn more about you, and help you see if 
The Trust could be a great fit for you and your goals.  


We're not your average women's 'networking group'. 
The Trust is a tight community of diverse high-achievers 
who learn from and support each other.

Limited memberships available to qualified women entrepreneurs currently running businesses generating $1M or more in annual revenues.

When your business first passed the million-dollar mark, you were initiated into a special 2% club of women business owners. And then beyond that, you’ve been on a special journey. One that can feel a bit isolating at times.

Carolyn Aronson
Founder + CEO, 'It's a 10' Haircare

Ellen Latham
Founder, OrangeTheory

Ellen Bennett
Founder, Hedley & Bennett

Sara Frey
Founder, Frey Farms